Why teamwork matters in completing projects on time and on budget

Why teamwork matters in completing projects on time and on budget

Celebrated football coach, Vince Lombardi, once defined teamwork as “individual commitment to a group effort.” At Geron Associates Limited, teamwork is a central component of the company’s daily operations and it applies to every project that is undertaken, large or small.

Whether Geron is producing a branded environment for an anchor store, a retail display for a global brand or a custom trade show exhibit for a retail chain, each project requires individuals with diverse skills and expertise, working as a team towards a common goal.

With each project, team members meet to discuss a plan for achieving client goals on time and on budget. These meetings involve Geron’s account representative and purchasing manager, graphic designers, production supervisors and skilled tradespeople. The meetings offer all participants the opportunity to understand the complexities of a project and to offer their ideas.

From the initial team meeting, a production schedule is drawn up, which serves as a blueprint to keep team members focused on the dedicated tasks and timelines ahead. Occasionally, a production schedule needs to be amended, and it’s important for all team members to be made aware of any changes so that there are no surprises or delays.

All projects encounter challenges in one form or another; production challenges often arise that need to be solved quickly to keep a project on track. Geron’s experienced team is flexible, nimble, resourceful and creative, to ensure that issues are resolved and that production schedules are met in a timely fashion.

As a project moves through the various stages of development, each team member is required to contribute his or her skills to moving a project forward. Team members with expertise in CAD design & detailing, millwork, metal fabrication, advanced LED lighting and vacuum forming work together to achieve desired results. Geron provides all team members with the tools, resources and environment to maximize their time and efficiency.

The teamwork on display at Geron extends beyond the company’s planning and production headquarters in Markham, Ontario. The company works closely with on-site production teams when custom exhibits, booths and displays are being assembled, and it works with client-designated design firms and client marketing teams. A spirit of collaboration and cooperation infuses each project among all participants, from start to finish.

When clients hire Geron to complete a project, they are hiring a team of seasoned professionals who are among the best in their chosen professions. From experienced designers and graphic artists to carpenters and cabinetmakers, the Geron team is ready to work with clients both in pre-assembly and on-site to ensure their complete satisfaction.

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